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What eyewear should be.

SPEX By Ryan challenges conventional thoughts on what an eyewear store should be. Located on the edge of Regina’s trendy Cathedral Village neighbourhood, it has a laid-back atmosphere with an open, minimalist layout, accented by edgy, modern artwork throughout. The eyewear selection is an eclectic blend of the world’s latest trends and remarkable materials.

SPEX By Ryan is your destination to break free from the pedestrian, mundane eyewear available everywhere, and to enter into a new eyewear possibility. Before you buy that next pair of glasses, please do yourself a favour and talk to Ryan and his knowledgable staff. Their passion and knowledge are tough to beat, and they truly enjoy building long-term relationships. If you are having problems with your existing eyewear purchased elsewhere, see us for an evaluation. We look forward to helping you solve any issues with your eyewear! We want to be your eyewear store!

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Discover locally what used to be exclusive to the world’s most cosmopolitan centres like Milan, Paris, Tokyo and New York.


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2326 Albert St
Regina, Sask.
Phone: 306-584-SPEX (7739)
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Monday-Friday 10-6
Saturday 11-4

SPEX By Ryan is pleased to offer after-hours viewings by appointment- please phone or email.